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can't wait until 2021 - you?

I think we can all agree that 2020 can go down as a bit of bugger and setting aside all the far more serious stuff I thought I might just send some news from King Harry Glamping. Having had to cancel the arrival of all the guests who had booked in for November due to travel restrictions I decided to make the Cottage into an office and have to say it is really very cosy. As you can see from the first picture Murphy seems quite settled in!

My thoughts are drifting past self isolation and whats for supper to Spring days and fun on the river and welcoming back our lovely guests. So some news for 2021 we are constantly surprised by how hardy you lot are with bookings through the Autumn and Christmas periods but despite your fortitude, have decided to put an electric blanket on the bed. This coupled with a lovely new winter duvet should keep you toasty at night.

Thinking more to spring we had added a paddle board to the canoes for your free use and will also be offering paid for trips in the wonderful Blue Dolphin(pictures below) either to catch supper or just have relaxing trip up the creeks with a pasty and a pint. Blue Dolphin used to belong to the Duke Of Cornwall and has just undergone a major refit so can't wait to get her in the water again.

So lots to look forward to and hope that we will be able to host you again soon and in the mean time wish you well and happy holiday planning.....




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