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Things to do close by

Whilst this is the ideal location for exploring all of Cornwall there is so much to do locally you really wont need to travel far to have a really enjoyable visit. The key to your planning is the Fal River Network and you can buy a Fal Mussel Card to give you hop on and off  travel on all the local ferries, buses and trains which is fantastic value for money and a really lovely way of getting out and about the area.

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People travel from all over the world to visit Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival so planning ahead is crucial for some of our visitors. Book time off work and come and enjoy the sun, sea, atmosphere and music at the Shanty Festival in Falmouth, Cornwall.

The Roseland Festival - back again for 2024 with a full programme - Fri 19 - 28 April 2024

Folk and jazz, history and art, films and photography, choirs and quartets, walks and talks – they are all featured in the diverse programme of events that is the Roseland Festival offering something for everyone.   The Roseland Festival Committee is small in number but there is tremendous enthusiasm to make the festival even more interesting and appealing. We hope you will enjoy discovering what is on offer and we all look forward to welcoming you to the events which are spread across our beautiful peninsula.

Falmouth Oyster Festival Oct 2024

Some of the finest chefs in Cornwall if not the country - oysters, Camel Vally Fizz dancing and great shopping what could possible go wrong -


I have included all of the local attractions the majority of which you can get to using the ferry and bus network. There are so many fantastic things to do that it is hard to provide an exhaustive lift but hopefully this will you and idea and help you plan if you like that sort of detail - Glamping attractions 



There are so many walks that you can do right from the site with or without a ferry ride first - I have included a link here for you to peruse - Glamping walks 


At each end and all corners of the River Fal are the most wonderful shops and galleries  - I particularly love Falmouth for shopping with lots of  independents and fantastic views for your beverage breaks - Glamping shopping 

At any time of the year there is so much to do wether it be food and drink related , theatre or arts based here are some ideas - Glamping culture

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