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It's in my blood

I took a potential booking today, but unusually over the phone as opposed to an online booking. I am rather old fashioned in that I always ask how they found out about the Glamping site but also why did you select Cornwall for your holiday. Whilst we that are fortunate enough to live in Cornwall often take for granted the extraordinary beauty or our natural environment, the rich and varied culture, flora and fauna on our doorstep it is wonderful to know that to our visitors it is at the very core of their reason to put up with the often torturous journey to grace us with their presence.

I am blessed that I walk most days around the banks of the beautiful River Fal with my two dogs Murphy and Isla. But today in particular I reflected on this good fortune, in part because I very nearly ended up with a freezer full of venison as on my out in the car when two deer joined me all to briefly just as I was passing the gates to the Trelissick Estate and then whilst on my walk later watched a seal working his way along the banks in wonderful morning sun in search for breakfast. This would have been quite enough to brighten my day so the addition of a small family group of common porpoise patrolling King Harry reach was a most welcome bonus.

I am not normally taken with the idea of Mindfulness but today was most certainly a day to be 'present' wondering at the beauty of our home and share this passion with our visitors who seem to be prepared to endure the long and occasionally slow journeys to share if only briefly in our good fortune.

I am not sure it the enquirer will make a booking but I certainly enjoyed listening to their enthusiasm and explanation that Cornwall was 'it's in my blood ' only sorry that I can not provide venison for the BBQ if you do visit!


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